(Before you read, you must know about the cats in the book Warrior Cats

by Erin Hunter:  These characters are colored as follows... Bluestar is blue,

Rusty is golden, Graypaw is grey and white and Lionheart is yellow.)


Leela looked at the boring black and white world that surrounded her. The

dull autum trees were as gray as the leaf dappled blacktop beneath her feet.

She sighed and flopped down at a colorless table, and began to fish the

warriors book out of her backpack. She leafed through the pages and

found the first chapter, and began to read. Suddenly, the world exploded

in color. The once gray tree seemed to be dripping with the liquid gold

color of the warriors character Rusty’s pelt. The greens of his collar dazzled

the grass so that it almost glowed. Leelas eyes were shining with awe as

she looked around. The blues of Bluestar’s bright pelt burst through the

sky, a contrast to the clouds like the brilliant whites of Greypaw’s fluffy

fur. Leaves whisked in the wind around the picnic table, ensnared in the

glow of the sun that shone like Lionheart’s brave, yellow eyes. Warm

forest scents danced through the gentle breeze. Leela closed the book,

lost in a world of color.  Suddenly, the warriors were once again trapped

within their pages. Rusty’s gold, Greypaw’s white, Bluestar’s blue and

Lionheart’s yellows washed away with the fading forest breeze, leaving

gray in their wake as they returned to their book.  Warriors makes everything