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pressreader - magazines and newspapers

Get unlimited access to the world's best content as a member of the Palos Verdes Libary District. Includes access to more than 7,000 of the world's top newspapers and magazines as soon as they're available. No limits on downloads. Titles are available as soon as they are published, so you always have access to the freshest content. Instantly translate content in up to 17 languages. Full replica versions with every detail you'd see in print.

Here's how your patrons can access PressReader:

1. Download the PressReader app - Apple or Google

2. Or go directly to the website at

3. Click Sign In and then Library or Group

4. Search and select your library from the list

5. Enter your library card information

6. In order to use personalization features such as saving favorite titles, commenting, or sharing articles, you will need to create an account on top of your library account. However, this is optional and you can click cancel and still use pressreader.

Popular Titles:

- China Daily
- Daily Mail
- Bloomberg Businessweek
- Der Tagesspiegel
- La Razon
- L'Équipe
- Libération
- Newsweek
- The Boston Globe
- The Economist
- The Guardian
- USA Today