Equipment Checkout

PVLD has a variety of mobile electronic equipment (mobile devices) available for checkout.  This


includes Chromebooks, Tablets, Mobile Hotspots, and Flip-Pal photo scanners.

  • Mobile devices can be placed on hold.

  • Mobile devices may be checked out for a maximum period of twenty-one (21) days 

  • Mobile devices may be renewed up to 3 times. After three renewals, equipment must be returned to the library for review. Patrons may then check it, or another device, out again for the allowed check out period, as long as there are no holds on the equipment.

  • You may only check out one (1) of each type of mobile device. 

  • A valid PVLD Library card and a valid picture ID (with current address) must both be presented to check out the mobile device. If the address on ID and account do not match you will be asked to validate your account again by bringing proof of address which will be valid for up to a year.

  • Mobile devices may only be checked out by adults (14 or over) and there mustn’t be any outstanding fines/fees on the account.

  • Patrons who check out Chromebooks, tablets, hotspots, & flip-pals must sign an agreement to accept responsibility for the damage and replacement cost, as well as any processing and late fees in the event that the mobile device is lost, stolen, damaged, or returned late.

  • Mobile devices must be returned in person, do not return mobile devices in the book drops as they could be damaged.

  • Mobile devices are considered lost at 30 days overdue. Patrons will be billed the full cost of the item.

  • Repair and replacement costs for mobile devices are the following:



Replacement Cost

Repair costs,
if needed

Misc. costs

plus power cord & case

$450 + $5 processing fee

Up to $400 + $75 processing fee

$10 cosmetic damage
$25 for missing case/cord

Tablet plus power cord & case $263 + $5 processing fee n/a

$36 for missing case
$27 for missing cover
$10 missing cord

Hotspots plus power cord & case

$105 + $5 processing fee


$25 for cord/ $15 for case

Flip-Pal plusSD card, USB adaptor, & case

$230 + $5 processing fee


$10 for SD card or flash drive $30 for case/ rechargeable battery