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Local History Donations

Gifts and donations to our collection are welcome.  Photographs and primary documents related to Peninsula history are especially encouraged.

Because of limited space, the District reserves the right to determine the usefulness of such donations to the collection, and/or to accept or reject any proposed gift or donation, as well as any conditions placed upon them. (Trustee Policies and Procedures Manual, sec. 5060.0.)

It is preferred that any materials donated to the collection be considered outright gifts, without restriction as to use or future disposition. If incorporated into the collection, it is understood that all such donations become the property of the Palos Verdes Library District.

Staff members are not authorized to appraise or otherwise place a monetary value on donations.  Donors wishing to take income tax deductions must obtain an independent appraisal.

Potential donors are invited to contact the Library Administration office at 310-377-9584, ext. 247, or the Archivist and Local History Librarian at ext. 213.