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Identification Requirements for a PVLD Library Card

When applying for, renewing, or updating the address on a PVLD library card:


Adults must show photo identification and proof of current address. Acceptable identification includes any of the following:

  • Government-issued photo identification showing current address (such as a Driver's license or state identification card).
    California Id Card


  • Photo identification that does not show current address plus an additional proof of current address (such as a current utility bill, bank statement, or credit card bill showing name and current address).
    Id Plus Utility Bill

Minors 13 years of age or under

A parent or legal guardian must be present to show the required identification (described above) and to sign the minor's library card before the card will be issued to the minor.

Exception for minors: Minors visiting the library on a supervised class trip may obtain a library card if the teacher or scout leader in charge of the group has obtained a completed library card application form from the parents or legal guardians prior to the library visit.