Chasing Hope

No one remembers how they heard about it. It was just something we all knew. Like a silent code we all somehow understood.
At first, no one seemed to take it seriously. But then the big stuff started to happen.  The NBA was canceled. Broadway closed
its’ doors. Bars and restaurants all over the world shut down. Movie theaters closed. Schools were dismissed. Toilet paper and
bottled water disappeared in stores. People were panicking. Then President Trump issued a state of emergency. The economy
was going haywire. Testing sites were opened. It seemed like the world was going to end. And yet, in all this confusion and panic,
we are still here. The problem is so big, and in the face of it we are so small. It seems like there’s no point. It seems like we’re
all going to be gone tomorrow, so why bother? But we’re not going down. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Because we are all
chasing hope.