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Art Exhibit Featuring the Redondo Beach Art Group 5/25/2023  6/19/2023 Malaga Cove Library Gallery Exhibit Area

Art Exhibit Featuring the Redondo Beach Art Group
Malaga Cove Library Art Gallery

Open for viewing during regular library hours
May 25 - June 19, 2023
(Please note the Gallery is not accessible during private rentals.)

Opening Reception - Friday June 2, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The theme of this show is REFLECTION. Reflection can mean a number of things. Literally it can mean the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound, without absorbing it, as in seeing yourself in a mirror, or trees by a lake,  or an echo. It can also mean serious thought or consideration, having a thought, idea, or opinion formed, or a remark made, as a result of meditation. As artists, we use both of these types of reflection in our work. Sometimes literally, as in using glass or metal to mirror back an image, and also as a result of meditation bringing forth our thoughts and emotions in how we express in our work. We invite you to reflect with us as we present our interpretations of REFLECTION.

Please join us for the opening reception where attendees will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists.

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