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Claims Return Information

You are positive you returned an item to the library, but it has not been checked in.

What happens now?

  • A library staff member will mark the item as claims returned.  That means the item is missing and the patron claims that it has been returned.  (It’s not that we don’t believe you! We just can’t find the item yet and need to do some investigation.)
  • The library staff will check all PVLD libraries for the item and ask you to do some checking as well (just in case). Check all through your house, under beds, in your car, in your machinery… everywhere a book, DVD, CD, etc might be hiding.
  • If you do find the item, please return it as quickly as possible. 

Claims returns are often simple errors that can be easily fixed. Sometimes the item doesn’t get checked in properly or sometimes an item accidently gets returned to the wrong location, like Torrance Library or a school library, or sometimes it’s just under the bed! The most important thing is to follow up when there is a problem so it doesn’t get worse!

Thank you!