About the Local History Collection

The mission of the Palos Verdes Library District is to provide a welcoming environment and open access to library services and materials that encourage lifelong learning, support the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of our diverse Palos Verdes community, and facilitate the preservation of the Peninsula’s history.

In keeping with this mission, the Local History Collection is charged with the gathering of all materials related to the various time periods of the Peninsula’s story.  This includes Indian fur trading, Spanish land grant days, cattle and sheep ranching, Japanese farming, early land development, city formation, and current life.  Of equal importance is the social and cultural history of the area, as told through the lives of the people who put their stamp upon the land.

Emphasis is on preserving materials in proper protective housing, organizing them according to national archival standards, and making them available through finding aids, both printed and digital.  The ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for learning and enlightenment, which may lead to true appreciation for a unique piece of Southern California.