What is not yours is not yours : stories

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What is not yours is not yours : stories
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New York
Riverhead Books
325 pages ; 22 cm
Books and roses -- "Sorry" doesn't sweeten her tea -- Is your blood as red as this? -- Drownings -- Presence -- A brief history of the homely wench society --Dornicka and the St. Martin's Day goose -- Freddy Barrandov checks...in? -- If a book is locked there is probably a good reason for that don't you think.
The stories collected here are linked by more than the exquisitely winding prose of their creator: Helen Oyeyemi's ensemble cast of characters slip from the pages of their own stories only to surface in another. The reader is invited into a world of lost libraries and locked gardens, of marshlands where the drowned dead live and a city where all the clocks have stopped; students hone their skills at puppet school, the Homely Wench Society commits a guerrilla book-swap, and lovers exchange books and roses on St Jordi's Day. It is a collection of towering imagination, marked by baroque beauty and a deep sensuousness.
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Helen Oyeyemi
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