• Ducksters — Informative yet simplified information for kids about various topics.
  • Bitesize  A browsable website for kids featuring topics in Science, Math, and Literacy.
  • Fact Monster  — Various subject facts, games, and homework tools.


Science and Health

  • Science Spots Kid's Zone  A large collection of websites about plants and animals for kids.
  • Earth Science  All the basics about geology, food and water cycles, atmosphere, weather, biomes, ecosystems, environment, and energy are explained in this great website for kids.
  • Steve Spangler Science  A great website for exciting science projects that your kids can do at home for fun.
  • Periodic Table  An interactive periodic table of the elements.
  • Chemistry for Kids  Various topics in chemistry such as atoms, states of matter, and  famous chemists  are explained in this informative website.
  • National Geographic Kids: Animals    Animal facts and pictures.
  • NASA for Students  STEM resources for all grades.


Social Studies




  • Great Minds Math for Parents  Need help with how to explain the new Common Core methods of basic math to your child?  Try this site.
  • Khan Academy  Math tutorials from the basic math through college level math.  
  • Soft Schools  Great site for math worksheets that you can customize for extra practice.
  • Calculator  This site offers basic calculators, graphing calculators, calculators that convert measurements and more.
  • Math is Fun  Basic explanations of math concepts from counting and money to college algebra.


Language Arts

  • Starfall  Great site for beginning readers with a focus on letters and phonics.
  • Education Place  Grammar games, writing evaluations that help develop your writing, and author pages make this website a great resource for writing assignments. ( Use the links at the bottom of the page labeled: Bright Ideas for Writing, Grammar Blast, Evaluation Station, etc.)
  • Info Please - Language Arts Homework Center—Everything you need to know about Grammar, Spelling, Literature, and Poetry in a simple, easy to understand website.
  • Goodreads  Looking for a great book to read?  Try Goodreads.
  • ASL Stories Directory - Find hundreds of videos of retellings of children's books in American Sign Language.



World Languages

  • StoryBlocks  Rhymes and songs in English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, and Arabic that are great for bilingual children and those learning another language.
  • Digital Dialects  Basic words, phrases, and games in over 70 languages that are perfect for kids.
  • Hello-World  Lessons for all ages in over 20 languages.



  • Kids Health  Use this site for homework as well as fun learning about the human body, staying safe, eat-right recipies, and feelings. 
  • DK Findout!  The systems of the human body are explained in this simple, easy to navigate website.
  • Bam!  The main page provides kids with fun games and activities about health while the search option allows older students to do more serious research.