By: Sarah Varghese,

4 th grade, Pt Vicente Elementary School, RPV


Before this Coronavirus came to our hand,

Everything went normal, here in the lands,

Now what caused panic there and here,

Oh, coronavirus oh, coronavirus! please we beg you to disappear

While some doctors worry

Will it spread more?

Coughing and sniffles are heard at the door!

Some people think it is just as bad as the flu

Some people think that this panic is just for no use

Stores are starting to close; and with schools shut down,

Why all this commotion?

It’s all because of you!

Please corona stop it oh please do!

You have caused enough trouble,

You have caused enough fuss

You are just not meant to be here corona virus!

Move along now, and pack up your bags

And please do leave soon!

And no matter what don’t visit us again anytime soon!