Coderdojo at the Palos Verdes Library District

Coderdojo at the Palos Verdes Library District

CoderDojo is a volunteer-led, open source, and nonprofit global movement that teaches children how to code, make games, develop web sites, and create mobile applications. There are currently over 500 dojos operating in 50 different countries.  It is a sociable, fun, and interactive environment where people can collaborate, learn together, and openly share their programs and ideas. 

In the Summer of 2014, we received a program request from a high school student detailing the Coderdojo program:  what it was about and wanting to present an ongoing class for younger students since a dojo had been formed in the Palos Verdes area.  A couple of members of the Programming Committee met with him and a classmate.  They spoke about how this type of coursework was not being offered in the schools and this would be a good opportunity to introduce it to others.  Members of the group agreed and the classes began in late August.

Led by Palos Verdes Peninsula High Schools seniors William Tan and Andrew Hong, William and Andrew work with a group of 10-15 participants that range in age from 10-17.  On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, the participants build upon the knowledge of JavaScript that they learned from the previous class. 

Classes are scheduled until the end of the year but will most likely continue until the teachers finish high school in May.  Once they graduate, William and Andrew have plans in place to pass on the teaching to other students in the dojo.  One of the advantages of this program is that up and coming students are mentored to take over classes as others move on.

The class has been running for several months but new students are more than welcome to join.  Our teachers will decide how to handle brand new students and get them up to speed on the content.  For additional information on this program, please visit our events calendar for upcoming dates or to learn more about Coderdojo in general, please visit