Past Exhibits and Programs



Malaga Cove Library Paul Blieden Jan 2020 Event Malaga Cove Library Art Exhibit
AIOL - Steve Shriver - Jan 2020

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AIOL - Scenes From Our Past Local History Center Photo Exhibit  





PV Painters                                          

January 2017

Ellen Cantor: Prior Pleasures                                         

February 2017

PV High Advanced Photo                                       

March 2017

Success Learning Center                                       

April 2017

Jo Anna Edmison: Happy Accidents                                     

May 2017

Gardena Kawai Sumi-E Club                                     

May 2017

Colors of Burma                           

Micheal Cinnamond & David Heath

June 2017


Brian Bernhard: Embracing the Weird                                     

June 2017

Jessie McGrath: Artworks                                    

July 2017

Pastel Society of Southern California                                    

July 2017

Vincent Lowry                                   

August 2017

Fernando Del Rosario: Real Heroes                               

Aug. & Sept. 2017

Laurel Koss: Words & Images                               

September 2017

PVAC Paleteers: Small Treasures                               

October 2017

Susan Cohn: Reflexions                             

October 2017

Sea of Ink: Chinese Calligraphy                  

November 2017



Steve Blinder: Stories of Africa                                                   

"Stories of Africa" Program      

Jan-Sept 2016


Alvaro Roble: Artworks                   

Mixed Media Workshop

June 21- Aug 15, 2016

Arte de Espanol                   

Art, Music, Books Program    

May 2016

PVLD Library Card Contest                   

September 2016


Joshua Peck: Dead Cinema                   

October 2016

PVLD Annual Community Art Show                   

November- December 2016