Past Exhibits and Programs


Art Show - Susan & Kathie
Black and white photo of lines of gravestones with a photo of an eye looking into a mirror on top.
Abstract Art Class with Artist Raphaele Cohen-Bacry! Saturday, July 30, 2022  2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Malaga Cove Library Gallery and Garden
Art Exhibit: Comic Hero Quote by Chris C. Friday, August 5, 2022  Friday, September 9, 2022 Peninsula Center Library Foyer Exhibit Area  





Reflections Show Art Exhibit Wabi Sabi


Malaga Cove Library Paul Blieden Jan 2020 Event Malaga Cove Library Art Exhibit
AIOL - Steve Shriver - Jan 2020

View Online

View Online


AIOL - Scenes From Our Past Local History Center Photo Exhibit  





PV Painters (January 2017)                                          

Ellen Cantor: Prior Pleasures (February 2017)                                         

PV High Advanced Photo (March 2017)                                       

Success Learning Center (April 2017)                                       

Jo Anna Edmison: Happy Accidents (May 2017)                                     

Gardena Kawai Sumi-E Club (May 2017)                                     

Micheal Cinnamond & David Heath: Colors of Burma  (June 2017)

Brian Bernhard: Embracing the Weird (June 2017)                                     

Jessie McGrath: Artworks (July 2017)                                    

Pastel Society of Southern California (July 2017)                                    

Vincent Lowry (August 2017)                                   

Fernando Del Rosario: Real Heroes (Aug. & Sept. 2017)                               

Laurel Koss: Words & Images (September 2017)                              

PVAC Paleteers: Small TreasuresOctober 2017)                               

Susan Cohn: Reflexions (October 2017)                            

Sea of Ink: Chinese Calligraphy (November 2017)                  



Steve Blinder: Stories of Africa (Jan-Sept 2016)

Arte de Espanol (May 2016)

Alvaro Roble: Artworks (June 21- Aug 15, 2016)

PVLD Library Card Contest (September 2016)

Joshua Peck: Dead Cinema (October 2016)