You make me feel so dead

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You make me feel so dead
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Sutton, England
Severn House
183 pages ; 23 cm.
It's 1964, and Elvis Presley is heading to Vegas for the opening of his latest film, "Viva Las Vegas". Although he despises rock & roll, Frank Sinatra has always had time for Elvis. So when Elvis' manager contacts Frank to explain that Elvis is out of control and to request Frank's help in safeguarding him while he's in Vegas, Frank calls on Eddie as being just the man for the job. At the same time, Eddie must find out who put his friend, Vegas PI Danny Bardini, in hospital - and why. In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, while doing his best to keep Elvis out of trouble, Eddie will need to call on his old friends, the Rat Pack, for help.
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