Cats on the counter : therapy and training for your cat

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Cats on the counter : therapy and training for your cat
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New York
St. Martin's Press
First edition
xvii, 201 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [187]-192 ) and index.
Freudian feline and family therapy: the personalities of cats and their humans -- Fictional feline: common cat myths -- Good housekeeping: introducing cats to new homes -- Lassie meets Morris/Morris meets Simba: introducing dog to cat/cat to cat -- Feline fastidiousness and the turf cat: solving litter box problems and stopping your cat from spraying indoors -- Jekyll-Hyde kitty: cat aggression -- Piranha cat: cat destructiveness -- Cat calls: chronic meowing and crying -- Kidproofing your cat: training your children to care for your cat -- Ailurophobia: overcoming the fear of cats -- Kitty prozac?: your cat's mental health and how to preserve it -- Final feline moment: pet loss, grief, and how to say good-bye -- Holy cats, batman! : kitty ESP, afterthoughts, and loose ends -- Cat and veterinary organizations to know -- Cat bytes: web sites to know -- Glossary of structural family therapy terminology and an outline of Jungian analytical psychology concepts -- Statistics on cat ownership and cat breeds -- Inspiring news article/web site excerpts on cats and their people -- Diary of a cat owner: a comprehensive treatment review of the case of Wolfie and the trespassing tom, by Wolfie's mom: from beginning to end.
Offers a therapeutic guide to understanding the unique psychology of cats, discussing specific special cases, and dealing with problems like furniture clawing, finicky eating, and catfights.
Larry Lachman and Frank Mickadeit
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